Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Traditional Tukang Urut Tabib Cina Chew Kee Siong

06 February 2010 (Saturday)
My trip to the Traditional Tukang Urut at Hulu Langat for my ankle treatment! Must put this in the blog for future reference. After some time we may not remember.
I didn't get the address. However the Police Station could be a landmark as it was only a few shops away. Saved the location in GPS. However, never be too sure it would be there as kids would sometimes played with it and deleted all the location.
After this session, I really believed in urut. I could really feel the difference when I woke up the next day. However, of course we couldn't expect miracle.

I had took the no. 6 at 8.30 am

The front of the shop
The shop was very near to the Hulu Langat Batu 14 Police Station.

There are 3 "Si Fu"s

Waiting for their turns.

The "Si Fu" that attended me. Of course, the one in the photo is not me

Urut while lying down. I also had this.


abbymaple said...

can i know how much they charge per visit?

fendijr said...
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fendijr said...

Yeah, wanna know for the same answer too. tq