Monday, 7 December 2009

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa - Horse Riding & Boat Paddling

6 December 2009 (Sunday)

Since Daddy got to collect something at Tesco, Ampang, we might as well pay a visit to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa as we recently got to know there are house riding activities there...

Daddy was so enthusistic to bring the two boys to ride the horse. We had been to the Tasik a few times, but we were not aware about such activities like horse riding..probably we always went there after breakfast , which by the time we arrived at the Tasik, it was already about 11.30 am...No horse riding between 12-3pm....

Below is the schedule for horse riding. They only offer such activities for a specific time only 9-12 noon and 3-6 pm.

Being that it was operated by the government, the rate was so reasonable..cheapest in town. We had been to a number of horse riding activities, the charges ranges from rm4 to rm 20. The most expensive one was at the beach of the Holiday Inn Penang, which cost us RM20 per horse. That also they asked for more than that upon finishing the ride. Of course, that was a breach of agreement since before ride we had agreed on the amount.

The rate was published at the counter as below:

We were informed since it was a school holiday, the caretakers of the horses were on leave. Therefore, no horse riding for the day. But we could ride the horse carriages instead, which we did.

The boys were looking forward to their horse carriage ride.

Take a picture first before the horse start moving!!

Just completed our house ride. Heading towards the water sport...Boat paddling.

We had finished 1.5 round of horse carriage ride. Actually there was nothing spectacular about taking a horse carriage ride....I felt a bit dizzy after the ride. So it wasn't something that I would like to do again...

The following is the schedule for the water sports and the pricing.

We took paddle boat. RM4 per boat.

Waiting for our turn. Our number was 4.

Watching people paddling at the lake. At the further end, you could see a family getting ready for their turn. Everyone had to wear a safety jacket.
Darren was upset for being photographed too often :P
Showing his displeasure...

The cooperative Ko Ko

In the middle of the lake...
Hush...boat paddling was quite tiring woooo....
Ha ha ha...I took my own photo...not bad huh...

The boys sat at the back of the boat. They did not need to paddle.

Daddy and Darren

Mummy and Ko Ko

Noce scenery huh...

The cool man.

We were given 30 minutes for our boat ride... was good. Definitely we will be back one day...
Well to tell you the truth, this was my first experience in paddling a boat.
Quite enjoyable. It was nice to have something to do.


KyR@ K@R!M @nG!n B@Yu said...

its still available there???? or they stop the operation already?? i think i wanna go tommorrow....
do u have the contact number????


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